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LUJOS – handmade, fresh and natural.

Lujos makes natural skin and hair products. We don’t make detergents and chemicals. We don’t keep stock sitting on the shelves for months on end. We don’t make large batches of our products, because we prefer to make them fresh, and to order.

Our handmade soaps and creams include our own estate-grown and bottled Yunquera Gold olive oil, as well as other great oils such as argan, evening primrose and others. Our soaps contain botanicals such as calendula and lavender, all grown on our own land. All great for your skin, all natural.

Another thing that makes Lujos different is our transparency. We are proud of the ingredients we put in our products, and aren’t afraid to tell you about them – all of them! We are always happy to tell you where we source our products, too. How many companies are willing to do that?

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Lujos is moving to Scotland, so no orders will be accepted at the moment. Fear not, good things will be announced soon! Dismiss