Handmade.     Fresh.     Natural.

 How many soaps and beauty creams can say that? We're willing to bet - not many!

Lujos makes soap, balms and natural skin and hair products. Period.

Unlike the big guys, we do not also make detergents and chemicals. We do not keep any stock sitting on the shelves. We do not make large batches of our products, because we prefer to make them fresh, and to order.

We do make our products fresh and to order. This means that we can use the smallest amount of preservative necessary to keep the product safe, meaning that all our products are as natural as we can make them. And yes, they are all handmade, by us, every week!

lavender & bits soap

Our  handmade soaps and creams include our own estate-grown and bottled Yunquera Gold olive oil, as well as other great oils such as argan, evening primrose and others. All great for your skin, all natural.

We promise you honesty and transparency

Another thing that makes Lujos different is our transparency. We are proud of the ingredients we put in our products, and aren't afraid to tell you about them - all of them! 

Take a look at our competitors. Look at their websites. Often, they shout about a few of the 'nice' ingredients in their products, and don't tell you about the rest. Why not? You should always question and ask. If they are afraid to tell you what's in the product, maybe you should be afraid to use it!

We promise you safety

Our products have been assessed for safety by a registered UK chemist. Do you know if the products you use have been? Ask!

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