About us

For 13 years, we have lived in southern Spain on a 22 acre olive farm. We moved here from a hectic life in IT in England, in order to lead a better quality, healthier life.

And we achieved our goals. It always was extremely hard work – we grow 5 types of olives here, and tended to pick them, just the 2 of us. We pressed the olives in a press in the village, and sell our oil in throughout the EU and the US. You can read all about how we do all this here.

One year, as we had a glut of olive oil, we decided to try our hand making our own soap from our olive oil. We were stunned at the difference – instead of just clean skin, we had clean, soft and moisturised skin! After some research, we realised this is because commercial soaps have all kinds of additives in them, and that the manufacturers strip out the ‘good stuff’ (glycerine) for use in other beauty products. That is why using ‘normal’ soap to wash your face can leave it feeling dry and tight.

After our success at making soap, we started experimenting with using olive oil in other products, such as lotions and creams for face and body and serums for the skin. We found that we much preferred the natural creams we made, that do not contain harmful preservatives or iffy additives.

And then we found we wanted to share our experience. We started sharing with family and friends, but eventually, our products were so popular that we created our company “Lujos”, so that we could share our passion for natural, olive-oil based products. We believe olive oil lends its special qualities to make our soaps and creams the mildest, kindest, most moisturising products you will find, at reasonable cost.

In 2017, we decided it was time to embark on a new adventure. A bout of illness made us realise that time marches on, and that we should be spending more time with family. Did we decided to sell up and close Lujos? Certainly not! Instead, production and shipping will be moved to the UK, and our customers will get the same great products as before.

Onward and upward!


Lujos is moving to Scotland, so no orders will be accepted at the moment. Fear not, good things will be announced soon! Dismiss